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Online-Issues » 1-2010

Sexual Offender Treatment, Volume 5 (2010), Issue 1


Hebephilia is a Mental Disorder?
Richard Green
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Stable Dynamic Risk Factors in Child Sexual Abusers: the Incremental Predictive Power of Narcissistic Personality Traits beyond the Static-99/Stable-2007 Priority Categories on Sexual Reoffense
Reinhard Eher, Martin Rettenberger, Anna Matthes & Frank Schilling
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Paraphilia-related disorders and personality disorders  in sexual homicide perpetrators
Peer Briken, Andreas Hill, Niels Habermann, Martin P. Kafka & Wolfgang Berner
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Is “Pedophilia” a Useful or a Confusing Concept? An Empirical Study on Sexual Abuse of Children, Sexual Orientation and Typology: Implications for Therapy
Thore Langfeldt
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