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Online-Issues » 2-2012

Sexual Offender Treatment, Volume 7 (2012), Issue 2


Can Convicted Offenders Be Classed as 'Volunteering' for Therapy? Working with Men who Have Committed Sexual Offences and Volunteered for Treatment in a Prison-based Therapeutic Community
Patrick Mandikate, Geraldine Akerman
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Communicating Risk for Sex Offenders: Risk Ratios for Static-2002R
Kelly M. Babchishin, R. Karl Hanson, Leslie Helmus
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Collateral Effects of the Media on Sex Offender Reintegration: Perceptions of Sex Offenders, Professionals, and the Lay Public
Gabriela Corabian, Neil Hogan
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Male Sex Offenders' Capabilities to Meet Their Goals: An Explanatory Model of Male Sexual Offending
Sara Jones, Louanne Lawson
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Rates of Sexual Recidivism in High Risk Sex Offenders: A Meta-analysis of 10,422 Participants
Jay P. Singh, Seena Fazel, Ralitza Gueorguieva, Alec Buchanan
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