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Sexual Offender Treatment, Volume 8 (2013), Issue 1


Book review of: International perspectives on the assessment and treatment of sexual offenders, by Boer, D. (Senior Ed.), Eher, R., Craig, L.A., Miner, M.H., & Pfäfflin, F. (Eds.) (2011)
Geraldine Akerman
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A Comparison of Mentally Disordered Male Offenders with and without a Sexual Offence: Their Characteristics and Outcome
Conor F. Duggan, Clive R Hollin, Nick Huband, Martin Clarke, Lucy McCarthy, Steffan Davies
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STATIC-99 and RRASOR Predict Recidivism among Developmentally Delayed Sexual Offenders: A Cumulative Meta-Analysis
R. Karl Hanson, Chelsea L. Sheahan, Heather VanZuylen
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'Grooming' and the Sexual Abuse of Children: Implications for Sex Offender Assessment, Treatment and Management
Anne-Marie McAlinden
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"So why did you do it?": Explanations provided by Child Pornography Offenders
Hannah L. Merdian, Nick Wilson, Jo Thakker, Cate Curtis, Doug P. Boer
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Identifying Sadists Among Female Sexual Offenders Using the Cumulative Scale of Severe Sexual Sadism
Dawn M. Pflugradt, Bradley P. Allen
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Assessing risk change in sexual offender treatment using the Violence Risk Scale - sexual offender version: a brief overview
Stephen C. P. Wong, Mark E. Olver, Terry P. Nicholaichuk
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